Hello, thank you for getting this far… Please fill out, as much as possible, this simple form below [in English] and we’ll get back to you, usually within 24hrs. Remember no addresses are needed.
NOTICE for those enquiries with a YAHOO . COM email address:
we are unable to receive emails / forms with a yahoo.com email address in them. Please use other email addresses. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.Thanks in advance, Mark.

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Finally, please take a look at this, we hope it’s helpful.1 – Please use protective wrapping on fragile items. [you can also mark it on the boxes]
2 – Please keep your mobile/cellphone/keitai on you so we can contact you!
3 – Pack books or any similar small heavy items in smaller boxes, unless you are SUPERMAN!
4 – Make bigger items like beds and book shelves smaller if possible. It save time and money.
5 – Pack as much as possible IN BOXES.. These are free from your supermarket or Conbini… Boxes are much easier to stack and don`t break.
6 – Please make sure that you have the keys for your new apartment. [Unless you are going to be living under a bridge!]
…and that’s it!On one extra note, please remember that if we go over the time, there will be a small extra charge. Please check the chart on the website. Thank you.MOVE IT!
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