Moving in Kyoto?

Move It! Providing a cheap, friendly driving service in Kyoto and beyond. Whether moving house, apartment, contact us!

We have native English support and fully bilingual.

For an Enquiry or reservation, just drop us an email through the enquiry page in English!

Note: we provide just a driver and truck, as this is the cheapest style for you.

Do it yourself OR get your friends to help and save yourself some cash!

Price Chart for DIY Moves
2 hours 3 hours each extra 30 minutes
[discounted rate]
8,000 10,000 1,000 yen
[+ National Holidays]
12,000 15,000 1,500 yen
Because we are based in Kyoto, all moves we carry out in Osaka/Kobe and other areas are surcharged (require extra money) for extra time, fuel and road tolls necessary and are therefore priced on time taken from our leaving Kyoto city limits until returning to the same point (Kyoto Minami interchange).
For more info please contact us.


Can I travel with my items to the new location?
  • Yes.
How many people can ride in the van with me?
  • Up to 4 people!
Can we pick up items on the way, from another location?
  • Sure, no problem, as many stops as you like!
How big is the truck storage / area for luggage?
  • 160cms wide x 180cms tall x 205cms long approx.. plus some extra room in cab area!
Do you have any dollies or trollies?
  • Yes, we always have at least 1 in the van but can bring along more if requested.

Regards payment: cash only at the start of moving please.

For enquiries, please CLICK HERE (in English please).

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